5 harmful effects of the mobile phone on health

mobile phone negative effect brain

5 harmful effects of the mobile phone on health

While technology users continue to increase, smartphones remain potentially the most dangerous devices.

Do you remember the days when mobile phones were not taped to our hands yet? This time seems surreal. And according to the latest estimations for the coming years, more than the third of world’s population should be equipped with a smartphone, which means spending more hours every day on small screens with fingers on keyboards, which can negatively affect our health.

1- The eyes

Excessive use of mobile phones and screens in general impacts the lens of the eye and give rise to myopia. Even worse, two British women between the ages of 22 and 40 would have suffered a temporary blindness for a few months because of this bad habit. The two were constantly checking their smartphone at night in their bed with one eye, the other being covered by the pillow, as they were on one side. This difference in light caused asymmetry and loss of vision, reports the British daily The Independent. To avoid this problem, be sure to look at the screen with both eyes and more likely with adequate glasses (provided with AR coating).

2- The sleep

One of the effects that has been repeatedly shown is the detrimental effect of blue light on sleep. Because our biological clock is based on light, exposure to screens in the evening can cause insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. To make sure that you can sleep well, turn off the electronic devices about an hour and a half before going to bed.


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