5 ways you can limit your dependence on technology

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5 ways you can limit your dependence on technology


The age of technology is flourishing and looks like it is very near to it’s peak. It is almost everywhere. Just have a look around you. What kind of surroundings you have? How many gadgets are lying in your pockets? What kind of technology are you living with? Each of you reading this will definitely be having similar answers to the same questions. All this makes us aware of how deeply we are immersed in technology. Just like the ice-age killed the mighty dinosaurs; technology has also started killing humans by killing their humanity and the other traits which actually makes homo sapiens from a mere species to intellectual human beings.

It’s better late then never, but being too late also might end up the game. The time has come to thrash the chains of technology from us and revolt out against the slavery of technology.

But what can we do when we are so badly addicted to various gadgets and technology driven objects?

Don’t panic readers, i got some easy yet effective mantras which will definitely be a boon for you, in your struggle against the slavery of technology.

      1- Limited Usage When In Bed

A very simple yet effective strategy to start with. Just stop using your gadgets while you are on bed. Whether you came for rest or for a deep sleep, just don’t start using your phone or laptop. This habit will not only save your time but also relax your body and energize it for a better day ahead.

      2- Engaging In Better Activities

Start engaging yourself in activities like jogging, playing any sport, reading books, dancing, singing, etc. These are obviously better than hanging your head down to screens and scrolling through it. There are numerous activities in which you can get indulged with and get rid of the nasty screens.

      3- Fix Time Slots

Try to fix time slots for interaction with your smartphones. Don’t let your smartphones overrule you with the flow of different notifications. Just bash them out and use it for the purpose you picked it up. It will definitely save you a lot of time and you’ll end up with a couple of extra hours each day.

      4- Keep Yourself Busy

When you are idly sitting on your couch, there are more chances you would grab your smartphones or game consoles to kill some time. So start keeping yourself busy or utilize the extra time for exercises or for a short casual walk out of house.

      5- Setup Challenges

This could be a very interesting way of making better use of your addiction for productive purposes. You can set daily goals for yourself and only when you compete it you will be allowed to check your social media feed for sometime. It requires strong intent and will help you utilize your time for creative and productive purposes. This trick will help you curb your association with tech and gradually in long term you will get rid of you tech addictions.

Now I leave it upto you from here, suggest some ideas which you are implementing or we can try to break the chains and live a better life without totally depending upon technology.

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