7 tips to be Well Prepared for Cold in 2019

7 tips to be Well Prepared for Cold

Approaching winter? Or a cold season? Here are 7 tips to get you prepared for the cold and stay warm all through.

    1- Get the right Clothing

Very important and necessary. Go shopping and purchase clothes that facilitate warmth i.e. sweaters, jackets, etc. Go for clothing with little or no space between its threading.

Get a head warmer/scarf and boots that are waterproof just in case you decide to walk on snow.

   2- Seal windows and doors

Try to close up open gaps between windows and doors because cold could seep into your home through these gaps. You could also upgrade to double or triple pane windows and insulate your home and garage doors to keep the warmth.

Though a minor and inexpensive preventive tip but could still save you from medical billing in case of the flu.

    3- Protect your pipes

Did you know that low temperatures could freeze the water in your pipes and increase internal pressure in your plumbing system which could make them crack/burst which eventually leads to flooding?

Insulating your pipes will prevent cold and keep your home warm as well as reduce chances of flooding.

   4- Stock your Refrigerator

During the cold season, you might seldom go out shopping for groceries so to avoid going out, stock up your refrigerator with supplies.

Purchase freezer-friendly foods that can retain its quality in a frozen state for a long time.

Also, stock up on cupboard medications just in case you or someone in your home catches a cold.


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