Art as a remedy for depressed people


Art as a remedy for depressed people

The benefits of art

Whether it’s dance, theater, music or just a visit to a museum, art creates community, emotional and social connections. It allows access to a higher sensitivity level.

Benefits of Music

We know today that music influences emotions and has beneficial effects on the mind and body. It helps reducing the pain and strengthens happy moments. The musical rhythms can facilitate certain physical interactions: walking or dancing together, reinforcing social bonds even more.

Benefits of Dance

The benefits of dance are the same for our health and well-being as those of any sport. It is an art that consists of performing a set of body exercises in accordance with a choreography, accompanied by a musical theme.

It allows to synchronize movements with music, learn the coordination of movements, provides relaxation and promotes concentration and work of memory.

Each type of dance has a beneficial effect on the body and develops harmoniously its musculature while learning to breathe better.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy sets in motion the creative process, working on the unconscious. To inner express oneself, to invent oneself, to seek oneself, to confront oneself, through artistic tools, and the link woven with the therapist; in order to communicate, with his story, his illness, his basic needs, his suffering and so on.

Benefits of the Musical Comedy

We understand the benefits of the practice. The musical comedy is a complete art, since it brings together different disciplines: singing, dancing, and theater.

Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga, which means “union” (of body, mind and soul), is based on the work of postures, breathing and concentration.

So, the art can be for a sure a remedy for sick and depressed people as prescribed recently by Canadian doctors to their patients.

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