Samsung galaxy fold: A jewel of technology in 2019

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We had the opportunity to test the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first pliable smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. So, is the crease visible? Is the hinge fragile? Is switching from one screen to another fast? Is the whole thing well-constructed? Here are our answers to those questions and more in this first quick test.

In seven years, the project “Galaxy X” (or “Galaxy F”) has had time to become mature and Samsung has finally opted for a solution far from stupid: a smartphone with two screens, a small in the front for one-handed use on a daily basis and a second, much larger one for enjoying a tablet space for multimedia and professional multitasking, all in a relatively compact size that fits in your pocket. “Relatively” because the Galaxy Fold is still standards in the field with its thickness 17 mm (0.67inches) and its length of nearly 161 mm (6.3inches).

As soon as you take it in hand, you immediately feel the “premium” side of the phone. It must be said that its 263 grams (0.58lbs) impose respect, even though its weight is well distributed over the entire phone. In comparison, a Galaxy Note 9, which is one of the heavier phones I’ve tested, does “only” 200 grams (0.44lbs).


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