Here the solution for your Christmas Cooking in 2019!

Feel a Good Christmas Cooking and Entertaining

Amidst the preparations for the Christmas holiday, you would be planning on the dishes and diets you would prepare for your family.

However, you have to take caution in selecting these dishes you don’t want your Christmas meal to lead to hospital bills. Some people stock up on alcohol supply to take along with their meals, while others pile up on desserts and junks that pile up their body calories which is not ideal for their health.

 This article will give you 3 healthy dishes for having a good time with friends and family this Christmas.

Fresh Ham with Red Pepper Glaze

Ham! A perfect alternative for Turkey. Especially if you don’t like it or you’re still dealing with your Thanksgiving leftovers, going for Ham is a perfect way to switch up your Christmas dish.

It’s no news how roasted Ham is delicious, but when prepared with red pepper, turns your mouth to a party house. This dish can also be served cold as a leftover and it won’t matter because of its spicy nature.

Spice things up and serve along with salad and some pickles. Whichever way you decide to eat it, Fresh Ham with Red Pepper Glaze is certainly one of many Christmas healthy dishes you shouldn’t miss.

Beef Tenderloin with Cabernet-Mushroom Sauce

The sound of this dish has already got your taste buds excited.

Not difficult to prepare at all. Its preparation time is less than two hours. The mushroom sauce make this dish special but these can be left out if you just want to be simple.

If you want to go fancy with this dish, you can serve with mashed parmesan potatoes and sautéed spinach or wild mushrooms i.e. oyster or porcini. Moreover, if you have visitors coming, this is one of those recipes that can easily be adjusted to feed more people just by purchasing a larger piece of meat.

During preparation, ensure that the beef isn’t overcooked. Using an oven thermometer could help avoid this.


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