How to prevent injuries by practicing your Favorite Sport in Cold Period

How to Practice your Favorite Sport in Cold Period

It is no new how the weather affects our sporting performances. In extreme temperatures hot and cold, our body tries to attain homeostasis. It attempts to internally balance the effect of these extreme temperatures through internal conditioning.

In cold seasons, the body tries to adopt stability through shivering. This might be an uncomfortable situation to play our favorite sports. Moreover, athletes are susceptible to frostbites, etc. and people with existing injuries tend to worsen in cold.

As you read on, you’ll learn how to safely practice your favorite sport in cold periods.


   1- Stay Warm

Keeping yourself warm during both activity and rest is important and necessary towards a safe and optimal athletic performance. The aim is for your body to attain the appropriate temperature before the activity not trying to homeostasis during/ mid-way into the activity.

Also, keeping warm loosens your muscles and increases their range of motion which helps prevent injury. Wear a waterproof or an extra thin layer of material to help keep warm.

   2- Examine the Field

Another necessary tip for playing your favorite sport even in the cold is to examine where you are going to play- the field.

Sometimes, cold weathers are always affiliated with rain or snow which could affect the field making you slip and eventually cause injury-inducting fall depending on the gravity of the fall.

Ensure that you check the field before playing and if you discover any muddy or frosty patches on the field, you might have to reschedule because safety comes first. 


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