Reduce the stress of e-mails?

How to reduce the stress of e-mails?

How to reduce the stress of e-mails?

A report from the British psychological society gives us some basic tips to avoid being overwhelmed by the influx of e-mails.

According to this study, we have adopted bad habits in the management of our couriers, which has a “negative impact on our productivity and our well-being”. In reality, it is not the volume of emails received during the day that creates stress, but the way we manage them.

In the study, 62% of email users follow their e-mails throughout the day and nearly half have scheduled alerts. But the survey shows that the most stressed are those who read their messages early in the morning, or late at night, believing they are getting ahead in their work.

Three basic tips

The report from the British psychological society provides some general advices on the management of mailboxes, although Dr. MacKinnon points out that everyone is different in managing the stress and the organization of his work. Nevertheless, some basic principles can be useful to avoid being devoured by this phenomena:

1) If you “check” your emails early in the morning or late at night, know that there is no urgency to do so.

2) Try to better plan your day by prioritizing tasks. Viewing your inbox is not necessarily a priority.

3) Turn off the alerts and close your e-mail at certain times of the day. You will be more focused on your work and it will allow you to regain control.

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