Jacques Chirac died Thursday at the age of 86

Jacques Chirac died Thursday at the age of 86

Jacques Chirac died on Thursday, September 26, announced his family. The 86-year-old former President of the Republic (1995-2007), who suffered a stroke in 2005 and has been very weak in recent years, was no longer making a public appearance.

City councilor, general councilor, deputy, minister, prime minister, mayor of Paris and finally president of the Republic, Jacques Chirac climbed one by one the steps that lead to the summit of the State. The president of the “social fracture” has spent 12 years at the Elysée Palace, a “reign” marked by some brilliance but also by betrayals and retreats.

The young Jacques Chirac won his first election in 1965 as municipal councilor of Sainte-Féréole, a small town in Corrèze, a department from which he will be elected deputy in 1967.

Nicknamed “my bulldozer” by Georges Pompidou, Jacques Chirac is appointed to the government the same year. But the first high point of his political career came after the death of President Pompidou in 1974, when the young minister, promised a bright future, leaves the camp of the official candidate, former Prime Minister Jacques Chaban-Delmas, to join the camp of the Minister of the Economy Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. Elected President of the Republic, “VGE” named him Prime Minister. Their agreement is short-lived and Jacques Chirac resigns after spending two years at Matignon. The relations between the two men will therefore always be under the sign of mistrust, even contempt.

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