02 lads were lost for 6 days at sea, what happened next???


How WILSON CAEN ship’s crew saved two 16 years’ old boys !!!

All thanks to the Wilson Caen ship which saved the two 16 years boys who were stuck on water after their careless with the Jet Ski.

The information did not release about where the two Moroccan boys live but if we can judge by our assumption, they live somewhere in the north Moroccan cost. This two boys could be said to be lucky for making it through this alive.

The Moroccan boys did not inform any of their family members that they were going to play around on the sea. This event took place on the 07/06/2019, the two boys set out on the sea with their jet-ski without inspecting if the jet-ski is in a normal state. Although no one can say in the future we can try to prevent dangers from happening, if we take the right precautions. The two young lads keep having fun on the sea not knowing what the future has in store for them.

After hours of fun on the water the Jet Ski engine broke down, the two boys never knew what they got them self into, they tried to get the jet-ski back to life but they lack the knowledge in doing this.The two young boys could not solve this problem then they have no choice than to accept their faith and stay drifting on the water.


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